PGA Instruction


Brian J. Boggs, PGA

Philosophy & Influences:

Brian's biggest influences were his father and grandfather who both played the game for many years. His two family influences are who put golf in his life. Brian's Philosophy and beliefs are that the Pre-Swing Fundamentals are the foundation for successful golf. He believes that it starts with the proper set-up, good posture, proper alignment, and the correct grip.  

Adult Lesson
One half hour lesson $15 (Member) $45 (Non-Member)
One hour lesson $25 (Member) $80 (Non-Member)

Junior Lesson
One half hour lesson $10 (Member or Family of Member) $30 (Non-Member)



Fremont Country Club is  a Callaway Certified Fitting Faciltiy as of 2018!!!


FCC offers one of the most extensive club fitting process’s utilizing cutting edge technology.
Callaway Opti-Fit Fitting tools (iron shafts & heads, metal wood shafts & heads)

Callaway Wedge Fit System
Maltby Loft & Lie Adjustment Machine

 Certified Club Fitter – Brian J. Boggs, PGA

Please call 419.332.2646 or contact us by email to schedule your next club fitting. 

2019 Junior Golf Program

Fremont Country Club  Junior Golf Camp


Brian J. Boggs, PGA


Drew Egbert, PGA Apprentice 

 Dear Junior Golfers & Parents: Golf is a game that can be played for a lifetime. It is much easier to learn the basics of the game at a younger age than it is to pick up the game as an adult. Golf is a unique sport that can be played at a high level for practically your entire life.  The Junior Golf Camps at Fremont Country Club are open to kids ages 4-12.  Our goal is not to try and find the next LPGA or PGA Tour player, but to provide a safe and fun environment to properly learn the game of golf and make life long friends.  We provide a platform to learn the basics of the game including instruction in proper fundamentals and techniques, rules, fun contests and games, and tournament play. As a parent we, need your help in keeping your child motivated and interested in the game. Some examples of how you can help are:   

*Taking your child to the driving range/course.  

* Watching golf on television/going to LPGA/PGA/Champions Tour Events.   

*Positive reinforcement if they had a rough day on the course. 

*Obtaining properly fit golf clubs for your child.  The latter is important for the kids to develop proper technique. We grew up playing with our father’s cut down clubs like most golfers of today. Those cut down clubs were too heavy and the shaft flex too stiff which made it difficult to get the ball in the air. The golf clubs available to juniors today are amazing in terms of technology and benefits to a junior golfer. The following pages contain an outline of our “NEW” Junior Golf Program for 2018. Please read through the information and feel free to call us with any questions at 419.332.2646.  


 Fremont Country Club’s PGA Golf Professional Staff