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I would like to personally thank the entire FCC membership for an outstanding 2017 season.  I look forward to many more great seasons with each and everyone of you. If there is anything you would like to see for 2018, please don't hesitate to let me know.  I'm here to make your experience the best possible.   Here's to a very Happy New Year!I

2017 Ladies Association

Ladies Club Champion

Sue Newman battles her way through the grueling match play bracket to become the 2017 Ladies Club Champion!!

Ladies Club Championship Participants

Sue Newman, Patty Wilkins, Ann Woolf, Mary Kay Farrell, Jad Moyer, Dana Schratt, Peggi Miller, Chris Heavner, Genie Hoch and Sue LeMaitre.

Ladies Club Championship results

Championship Flight 

Sue Newman - Champion

Patty Wilkins - Runner-Up

A Flight 

Ann Woolf - Champion

Mary Kay Farrell - Runner-Up

B Flight

Jad Moyer - Champion

Dana Schratt - Runner-Up

Haley Klein, Dana Schratt, Mary Kay Farrell, Annita Siedenburg, Mary Beth Pearson, Deb Gallagher, Sharon Bowden, Peggi Miller, Cindy Connell, Donna Leow, Candyce Wingard, Jeanne Gottron, Chris Heavner, Sue LeMaitre, Cindy Young, Patty Wilkins, Ann Woolf, Genie Hoch, Sue Newman, Jacque Lease, Barb Dewey, Judith Reed, Jad Moyer, and Sharon Watkins

Matt Young enjoying his time with the ladies! with the ladies!! 

Cindy Young, Patty Wilkins, Ann Woolf, Jacque Lease, Mary Kay Farrell and Genie Hoch

2017 Ryder Cup

Team USA Wins the Cup

Team USA - Mark Gottron (Captain), Bill Martinic, Bill Bolinger, Al Schabel, Monk Cassel, Scott Hanes, RJ Willey, Bob Woolf, Gary LeMaitre, Tom Stannard, Jeff Anstead, Pat Furlong, and Randy Frey

2017 Men's Invitational

2017 Overall Champions

Randy Frey (Member) & Randy Paulson (Guest)


Roger Hafford (Member) & Dr. Michael Terry (Guest)

Flight Winners

Bahamas Flight

First Place - Dr. Joe Hiestand & Jake Hiestand

Second Place - Jeremy Fry & Gary Fry

Third Place - Kyle Darr & Austin Darr

Cayman Islands Flight 

First Place - Chris Aseltine & Bill Bessire

Second Place - Jeff Gottron & Dirk Meister

Third Place - Scott "Tall" Young & Jim Schwartz

Jamaica Flight

First Place - Randy Frey & Randy Paulson

Second Place - Paul Hershey & Kirt Munson

Third Place - Mike Waleryszak & Chad Waleryszak

Saint Croix Flight

First Place - Kyle Kayden & Bobby Druckenmiller

Second Place - Aaron Smith & Fritz Smith 

Third Place - Dave Conn & Marc Lee

Trinidad & Tobago Flight 

First Place - Roger Hafford & Dr. Michael Terry 

Second Place - Bob Woolf & Jim Swint

Third Place - Dr. Dave Peterson & Tom Sartini

Turks & Caicos Flight

First Place - RJ Willey & Troy Overmyer

Second Place - Seth Dickman & John Hartman

Third Place - Jim Potridge & Jeremy Orth 

TDGA Stranahan Senior

2017 Champion (Overall)

Mr. Kim Kinnear  Shoots 74 to win the title!!

2017 Net Champion (60 Age Group)

Mr. Al O'Neal